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What's happening in the Burp-verse - Issue #11 📰

What's happening in the Burp-verse - Issue #11 📰
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All the features from previous early adopter versions are added to this stable release. The features include a new collaborator domain “,” the ability to add new tabs in Message Editor, etc. Check out the previous newsletter issue to find out all the features.
Blog Posts
This article is the second part of the blog post on Hackvertor. While the first part introduced Hackvertor extension and an example to bypass replay protection, this second part is icing on the ice. This article gives many tips for using the extension and code examples.
If you have never heard of Hackvertor, both the first and second parts of this blog should be sufficient to get you started.
This blog post describes four extensions that can make the Community edition as good as the Pro edition.
The four extensions are 🥁 🥁: Turbo Intruder, Logger++, Interactsh Collaborator, and LazyCSRF.
Check out the blog post to learn about their usage.
This article is a beginner-friendly article that gives a great introduction to Repeater. Even if you have used Repeater for some time now, there’s a high chance that you would learn (or relearn) something new.
Check out this article.
A Burp Suite extension for dynamic payload generation to detect injection flaws (RCE, LFI, SQLi), create access-matrix-based user sessions to spot authentication/authorization issues, and convert HTTP requests to Javascript for further XSS exploitation and more.
This extension now makes authorization checks a little bit easier. The new version adds a feature to enable colorization on requests sent from different PwnFox containers (based on the X-Pwnfox-Color request header).
Do you collaborate on your bug hunting/pentest projects?


Are you still copy-pasting the requests you found interesting to your partner(s) in crime? 🤔 🫢

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Mastering Burp Suite Pro
When HEAD is disabled but you nonetheless want to minimize the bandwidth / go super fast 🧠
BApp Store
Coming soon!

Desktop editions of Burp Suite will show an estimated system load for BApps. This will enable you to see the impact that installing BApps might have on your system and help you to extend your capabilities without impairing Burp's performance.
This GitHub repository curates practical match and replace rules for Burp Suite. The rules include finding hidden buttons and forms, bypassing WAF, etc. Check it out.
Our favorite researcher is back with a fantastic talk. This time it’s not a new technique or methodology; it’s about the bugs that usually stay under the pentester’s radar. 
Based on his decade-long experience in web security research, he gives examples of such “evasive vulnerabilities” and broad principles that one can apply to find such vulnerabilities.
Hunting Evasive Vulnerabilities: Finding Flaws That Others Miss by James Kettle
An article from the PortSwigger Research team on how you could use SVG’s “use” element to execute JS automatically.
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