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What's happening in the Burp-verse - Issue #7 📰

What's happening in the Burp-verse - Issue #7 📰
By Burp Suite Guide • Issue #7 • View online
I hope this issue finds you well. 
In the last few weeks, there seems to be a trend in the Burp-verse. All of a sudden, there are blog posts about an underrated Burp feature. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but who knows 😉.
(More on the trend in Blog Posts section)
Also, we have a winner for the book giveaway.

Good news, early adopters!
Hex view is back 😎
Few more updates:
  • HTTP/2 enabled for extensions. (I think the Turbo Intruder issue mentioned in the last newsletter issue is now solved.)
  • Minor update to the Extender APIs (after a long time). Extension developers can force their extensions to use HTTP/1 by setting “forceHttp1” to true.
  • Bug fixes as usual.
Blog Posts
As mentioned in the introduction, I see a trend in the blog posts recently released. Most of these fascinating blog posts cover Burp Macros.
Akshita Gupta, as the blog title says, explains Burp macros and gives an example by using macros to solve a Web Security Academy lab.
If you don’t know about macros, I would highly recommend reading this blog post to get started.
Divyanshu Shukla, on the other hand, has started a blog series that explains the different scenarios where you can use Burp macros.
Check out his blog series:
Activating Burp Suite Pro inside a docker image is problematic for anyone trying to introduce Burp in their pipelines. I have documented two ways to solve it. I hope you find it helpful :)
If I were to describe this extension in a single line, it’s this.
HackBar + PayloadsAllTheThings + Auto-Completion = HopLa
This extension adds auto-completion support and useful payloads in Burp Suite to make your manual fuzzing in Repeater easier.
A “great” curated list of resources to learn Burp Suite Pro. Resources include Youtube videos, blog posts, and more.
Check them out to learn more on Burp Pro.
A small blog post by PortSwigger containing the top five favorite Burp extensions (based on the replies to NahamSec’s tweet).
This SANS cheatsheet was published sometime back. A two-page cheat sheet contains the most useful hotkeys, extensions, and more.
In the last issue, I posted about giving away the fabulous book - Hands-On Application Penetration Testing with Burp Suite to one lucky email subscriber.
The winner is Shivankar Madaan for his tweet.
Stay tuned for more giveaways!
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Until next time 👋
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